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Preparing Your Quilt Top

 Quilting is the final step in giving your project a polished look. For the best-looking results complete the following steps before shipping your quilt.

Quilt Top

  • Trim and square quilt top to final size

  • Trim all loose threads

  • Press all seams flat (to one side or open)

  • Remove all pins, buttons, charms, sequins, couching, and other embellishments

  • Baste a 1/8" stitch around the outer edge if the quilt top does not have borders

  • Identify the top of your quilt with a safety pinned note

  • Measure your quilt width and height, enter these measurements on the submission form


  • Remove selvages

  • Measure and ensure the backing is 10" wider and 10" longer than quilt top

  • Press and square backing fabric

  • Identify the top of the backing fabric with a safety pin and a note


Note: If piecing the backing, a 1/2" to 1" horizontal seam pressed to one side is preferred but not required 


  • Place your quilt top and backing in a sack or bag to prevent moisture damage during transit

  • Place the sack or bag in a sturdy cardboard box clearly labeled and securely taped

  • Do not label "quilt" anywhere on the outside of the box​


Note: If you are local to Gainesville, Virginia, I accept quilt drop-offs by reservation only. 

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